Every single piece that we produce is unique and hand crafted. Consequently, we can satisfy most requests including the personalization down to the finest details.

Searching and selecting the fossil wood

Collecting the fossil wood

We hand select our our fossil wood in 3 different sites: Indonesia, Madagascar and the Arizona Desert in the USA.

Fossil wood collection

Collecting petrified wood in Madagascar and Indonesia

Petrified wood expert, Gabriele Pedretti travels between Madagascar and Indonesia in search of unique pieces of fossil wood that will lend itself best to customized furniture.

Cutting fossilized wood

Cutting fossil wood

Our work is characterized by the use of machines for cutting and polishing and a large amount of manual hand work to achieve a high quality finish suitable for the luxury market. This allows us to produce unique pieces of work to a very high standard or craftsmanship.

Machines cutting fossil wood in water

The know how

Petrified wood is one of the hardest materials found in nature. Our laboratory is among the few in the world with the capacity, knowledge and machinery capable of cutting fossil wood.

Final selection of the polished fossil wood

Final selection

Every single piece of fossil wood is subject to a careful manual and visual inspection by our petrified wood experts to match up the wood to a piece of furniture or design.

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Fossilized wood
250 million years of history

From the dry deserts of Arizona, to the tropical rain forests of Indonesia, lovingly crafted in Italy. Luxury furniture created by hand from ancient trunks of petrified wood to bring you a completely unique piece of fine Italian design.

What is fossilized wood