Hand crafted

High quality hand finishing

After a worldwide search for this extraordinary material, we employ all of our experience to create a unique and timeless piece of artwork.

Hand polishing

Hand polishing fossilized wood

Once we have finished the machine work, the petrified wood is then hand worked to further enhance its outstanding natural beauty.

Hand finishing

Hand finishing

To work today with the exact same trees beneath which the dinosaurs once sought shade, is a truly extraordinary experience.

Hand finishing a fossil wood sink


Given the inestimable value of this precious material, Gabriele Pedretti designs personally each piece with the help of famous architects. As such, an already exceptional object becomes a work of art.

Our Fossil Design furniture on display at the Orler Art Gallery in Italy

Fossil Design at the Orler Gallery Italy

Some of our art work and furniture have been shown in famous art galleries, including the Orler Gallery in Italy (see picture).

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Fossilized wood
250 million years of history

From the dry deserts of Arizona, to the tropical rain forests of Indonesia, lovingly crafted in Italy. Luxury furniture created by hand from ancient trunks of petrified wood to bring you a completely unique piece of fine Italian design.

What is fossilized wood