Gabriele Pedretti

Gabriele Pedretti

Founder, researcher and expert fossil wood craftsman.

"To work today with the exact same trees beneath which the dinosaurs once sought shade, is a truly extraordinary experience."

Gabriele loves to quote Michelangelo Buonarroti:

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”

And this is how each piece of Fossil Design work is born. We don't offer a cataloge of products, but a line of emotions - sinks, tables, shelves, ornaments - or anything else that we manage to produce with this unique material. Working closely with architects, we create we produce work in any style of design: stainless steel, glass, wrought iron and gold - all worked with precision and passion and chosen to compliment the each individual piece of fossilized wood.

Simone Pedretti

Simone Pedretti

Collaborator, client consultation, planning.

Son of Gabriele, Simone has been fascinated by the family business since childhood, visiting exhibitions end events, and now completes the Fossil Design Team together with his father.

Fossil Design Events

Fossil Design at the "Salone del Lusso" (the Italian Luxury Exhibition) in Verona Italy.

Salone del Lusso, Verona
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Unique furniture

Every piece that we create is unique, hand worked in Italy by our expert artisans. This allows us to customize our design down to the finest details.


Fossilized wood
250 million years of history

From the dry deserts of Arizona, to the tropical rain forests of Indonesia, lovingly crafted in Italy. Luxury furniture created by hand from ancient trunks of petrified wood to bring you a completely unique piece of fine Italian design.

What is fossilized wood