Fossil Design is a family business creating art work using petrified wood. Our work is characterized by the use of machines for cutting and polishing and a large amount of manual hand work to achieve a high quality finish suitable for the luxury market. This allows us to produce unique pieces of work to a very high standard or craftsmanship.

The production of furniture from petrified wood

All of our furniture is petrographic certified fossil wood.

Materials aside, our work is characterized by obsessive attention to beautiful lines and cuts, to create stunning timeless pieces of furniture suitable for any living space (houses, luxury hotels, boats..). Our work can fit in any environment from classic to modern or hi-tech thanks to our use of secondary materials such as stainless steel, gold, crystal or precious stones.

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Unique furniture

Every piece that we create is unique, hand worked in Italy by our expert artisans. This allows us to customize our design down to the finest details.


Fossilized wood
250 million years of history

From the dry deserts of Arizona, to the tropical rain forests of Indonesia, lovingly crafted in Italy. Luxury furniture created by hand from ancient trunks of petrified wood to bring you a completely unique piece of fine Italian design.

What is fossilized wood