What is fossilized wood

What is fossilized wood?

Fossilized wood is often part of a tree trunk preserved in a fossilized form. There are 3 types of fossilized wood: petrified wood, mummified wood, and submerged forests.

Our furniture and art work have all been created using petrified wood.

What is petrified wood?

Petrified wood is a fossil in which the original organic materials (primarily wood and bark) have been substituted minerals in a slow process called permineralization. All organic materials are filled with minerals, which then solidify whilst the organic material disappears, leaving behind mineral rocks with the same structure of the original tree. This also explains why the colours of petrified wood vary so greatly, as per the minerals in the surrounding earth and water.

What is the difference between petrified and fossilized wood?

Petrified wood is just a type of fossilized wood. The other types of fossilized wood are mummified wood, and wood found in submersed forests.

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